stories of projects and people

wilson's story

Wilson is a community health worker in Malawi, Africa. He has been working, unpaid for the past 10 years. He is not a doctor, or a nurse, but has some health training from our local partner, Yoneco. Wilson is delivering health care to rural Malawians. He travels village to village screening for tuberculosis, monitoring residents with Malaria, advocating for healthy living, and caring for residents with HIV/AIDS.  


The founding Story

"Our lives are shaped by defining moments - short encounters that change our direction, our purpose, in an instant. I had one such moment, 12 years ago, while in the remote community of Penas Blancas, in the northern jungles of Nicaragua. On our 3rd day in the village, we visited a local school. It was Saturday and the school was not open but this small community was proud of the brick and mud-floor, one-room schoolhouse and they wanted me to see it." 


Bikes save lives

A bike can get a child to the school others are building, get a mother to the well others are digging, carry a rural village resident to the health service they desperately need in half the time and get a doctor to the people they are trying to save.