The Great Bike Recycle

The Great Bike Recycle is a bike repair and donation initiative incorporating bicycles as a tool for development in marginalized communities. It serves both local and international projects with a focus on keeping our financial and environmental footprint small.  It aims to empower disadvantaged members, integrate newcomers, build skills, increase access to community services and most importantly contribute to an overall healthier community and lifestyle for marginalized people.

Focus for the 2016/17 bike distribution will be newly settled refugees in the greater Toronto area. (Please note we will also be sending bikes to Nicaragua as well as three areas in Cameroon in early 2016.) Details about these projects can be found below.  

 The Great Bike Recycle is a multifaceted project with storage/repair stations at two locations (Bloor St. /St. George and Bay/Bloor st), which are staffed by mechanics and volunteers. For information on our unique volunteer opportunities see the volunteer link on this site.

Great Bike Recycle Mission

To support vulnerable individuals in our community in maintaining their independence, enhancing their social well being, and optimizing their overall health and wellness through the provision and encouragement of cycling.