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For media enquiries and press passes to Bike for Africa, please contact:

Donald Wiedman
Wiedman Communications
e-mail: donald@wiedmancommunications.com
phone: 647 669 0461

For interviews, please contact:

Mike Brcic, executive director
Bikes Without Borders
e-mail: mike@bikeswithoutborders.org
phone: 647-999-7955


About Virgin Mobile
The Virgin Mobile group of companies has attracted more than 10 million customers worldwide. As the #1 mobile youth network, Virgin Mobile Canada’s mission is to connect, entertain, and reward like nobody else. The Virgin Group recognizes the many opportunities it has for tackling HIV and AIDS as well as its responsibility to take part in the effort to deal with the epidemic. For this reason Virgin is committed to the 0% Challenge. The 0% Challenge is Virgin's global staff-wide effort to help ensure 0% deaths from HIV & AIDS, 0% new infections, 0% transfer of infection from mother to baby, 0% tolerance of discrimination against those living with HIV.

Through Virgin Unite, Virgin invests in HIV and AIDS programmes that include prevention, treatment and care and non-discrimination as well as supporting action in the local community. For more information visit www.virginunite.com

Bikes Without Borders in Malawi
Malawi is one of the poorest countries on Earth, with a per-capita GDP of just $299 per year. It is also one of the countries hardest-hit by HIV/AIDS, with over 900,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in a country of 10.4 million people. But there are many signs of hope...

Bikes Without Borders is working with a Malawian-based NGO (YONECO) to establish a program to provide Community Health Workers (CHWs) in 7 districts with 400 new bikes and 100 bicycle ambulances. Providing a CHW with a bicycle allows them to reach up to 5 times as many patients in remote communities with patient support and HIV/AIDS prevention education.  These new bikes will help reach an estimated 15,000 additional people with life-saving medication and additional support services. For more information please visit http://www.bikeswithoutborders.org/malawi.html

About The Cadbury Bicycle Factory
Cadbury is bringing its company values to bear in 2009 with The Bicycle Factory – a unique, total confectionery promotion where consumers enter any Cadbury UPC code at www.thebicyclefactory.ca, the code converts into a bicycle part, and 100 bike parts complete the construction of one bike. Through these every day purchases, Cadbury will build up to 5,000 bicycles for Ghana, Africa, providing much needed access to mobility. Cadbury chose Ghana as the destination for the bicycles in 2009 because of our deeply rooted history in the region and our ongoing work through the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership.





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